The Maritime Strategy belongs to all Quebecers

The Maritime Strategy belongs to all Quebecers, especially in the regions where numerous initiatives that create jobs and business opportunities are revitalizing their economies. The Government of Québec invites the public to view the video and listen to the radio clip that publicize the Maritime Strategy. For more information, please follow us on Facebook.

Key strategic thrusts of the strategy

The economy, the environment and social questions

The Maritime Strategy, the first such strategy in Québec’s history, presents a perspective up to 2030 and sets out an action plan for the 2015-2020 period.

The plan is at one and the same time ambitious and realistic. It seeks to foster sustainable growth in Québec’s maritime economy and encourage the creation of quality jobs in all regions of Québec. It also seeks to protect the integrity of Québec’s river and marine ecosystems while enhancing the betterment of communities in the maritime territory.

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30 000 new direct jobs will be created by 2030

The Maritime Strategy and the Plan Nord

The Maritime Strategy complements the Plan Nord, which will engender additional river traffic in the maritime regions. For this reason, the Maritime Strategy intends to invest in the marine infrastructure that serves the regions. Maritime transport will be profitably employed to ship mineral ore, supply businesses or remote or isolated populations. To this end, short sea shipping offers a striking example of what the Maritime Strategy intends to rely on.