The Maritime Strategy is a concrete, pragmatic tool supported by a financial framework of more than $1.5 billion, which will make it possible by 2030 to create 30 000 jobs in all of Québec’s regions by developing infrastructure and maritime services, fostering private investments and developing the St. Lawrence River’s numerous maritime resources.

Numerous jobs will, accordingly, be created, for example through the establishment of logistical hubs that will add value through Québec workers to goods destined for major markets in the northeastern United States. Furthermore, numerous jobs will be created by the development of industrial port zones, support for Québec shipbuilding yards, the enhancement of ferry services and the development of short sea shipping and the growth in maritime tourism.

The modernization of the fishing and aquaculture industry will ensure its growth, competitiveness and long-term survival while encouraging the up-and-coming generation.

By creating jobs and enhancing the quality of life, the Maritime Strategy will help curb the exodus by young people to major urban centres by encouraging them to settle in the regions in the maritime territory. This impact combined with the benefits stemming from the other measures in the Maritime Strategy will have a positive outcome on the development and vitality of the regions for the benefit of all Quebecers.


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