The Maritime Strategy seeks to promote by 2030 the creation of more than 30 000 new direct jobs and to encourage public and private investments of roughly $9 billion. To this end, the Québec government will foster the creation of business opportunities linked to the maritime economy. Through its initiatives, the government intends to play a decisive role to encourage investment opportunities for businesses that will generate jobs and economic growth, in a sustainable development perspective.

Several measures will be implemented to encourage Québec firms to participate in the realization of the Maritime Strategy.

In particular, the government intends to develop logistical hubs that will offer high added-value services. It also intends to contribute to training qualified workers to satisfy the needs of companies in the maritime sector and to broaden research and development in the sector.

The development of industrial port zones will enable businesses to achieve greater synergy and offer a comparative advantage to firms that require port services.

The government will invest in the development of maritime tourism potential, including recognized cruise stopovers along the 49th parallel, by supporting the projects of businesses and other parties involved in its development.

Direct financial assistance will also be offered to support in-house business innovation projects, especially in the marine biotechnology sector.

Moreover, the government intends to promote local economic spinoff by relying on the leadership of entrepreneurs in the maritime sector and SMEs.

These are but some of the business opportunities that the government will create and the investments that it will make to generate economic and social growth for Québec firms.

Lastly, the Québec government will rely on the leadership of entrepreneurs in the maritime sector and SMEs to ensure that the Maritime Strategy achieves its full potential by the year 2030.